Important when choosing wedding photographer

This is something that was important to me when I was choosing my wedding photographer, so I know it will be important to my brides and grooms. What happens after the wedding? Where do my photos go? How will I get access to them in 20 years when my kids want to look at all the images?

It’s a common questions, and definitely something to consider when you hire a photographer for any reason….

The long answer is:

All of my wedding packages, as well as my portrait sessions, include a disc of images.

Some photographers may give you the option of purchasing the disc of images, but I have it built into the cost of services already. Every photographer has their own point-of-view when it comes to giving clients access to the negatives/digital high-res files. You’ll want to discuss this with each photographer.

But my philosophy is …. This is YOUR life. These images are of your family members, your children, your wedding – and you deserve to archive them however you see fit.  The photographer legally retains copyright to the images created, but ACCESS to those images is something you should have without a problem.

I know that most of my couples are DIYers. I know that a lot of you are crafty and will want to have the images at your finger tips for future scrapbooking, photo projects, etc. I’ve seen custom thank-you cards done, collages, as well as Christmas cards 9 months after the fact.

After your wedding (or portrait session) – you receive a link to your images online. A password-protected gallery has been created for you to share with family and friends. This makes it really easy to purchase prints to be shipped directly to you, or for your friends and family to purchase prints (so you don’t have to worry about taking their orders).

You will ALSO receive a disc of images. Included on the disc will be a folder of the all high-resolution, edited and enhanced images, as well as a folder of low-resolution, web-ready images (for your blog, Facebook, etc). The images in your gallery and the images on the disc will be the same. No part of your images will be held hostage for extra money – there’s no reason you can’t just take the disc and print images off your printer if you want to.

Please connect an instagram account from the dashboard.

I really want your wedding memories to be something that you treasure …. and having the disc of images and access to your photos at any time is a big part of that.

Do I get my photos?

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