Family and vintage photos are some of our most precious possessions.  Having them restored or repaired not only will give you an electronic copy of your image, making it easier to share with others, it also gives your images many more years of enjoyment to come. The sooner you have them restored, in many cases, the more successful the outcome will be.

yellowing and aging pictures

We restore faded, yellowing and aging pictures and other damages depending on how extensive and what you would like to see. We can also make a poor quality digital image better, again depending on the condition and what you want done. Ask us!  Your original images will not be altered in any way. These make amazing gifts for any occasion.

restore a photo

While we restore a photo, we also adjust lighting issues, noise, and other elements of the image to enhance it to its greatest potential. Our prices are very reasonable, and we love what we do, giving you an excellent picture to treasure and share for years to come.  

Consider photos that may currently be displayed in your home or office, and photos even from the 60’s to 80’s might be needing restoration services.  

We accept paypal, and do most of the work in electronic format, allowing us to serve clients worldwide. Email us for a price quote and what you would like done, and any other questions you may have regarding photo restoration.

What You Get

Upon completion of the restored photo, we will email you a high resolution file of your photo that you can have printed at any photo lab of your choice in any quantity.  If you want it made into a Giclee canvas, let us know and we can give you a price quote for that as well, that is an additional charge on top of the actual restoration. We will also give you a low resolution file for use on website, such as facebook for easy sharing.

For people using a non-electronic format, I can mail a CD with the image burned on it, or an actual photo in the sizes you want, at an additional charge.

A successful photo restoration project starts with a high quality scan of the original document. If you can, we would like it you can email us a 300 dpi (digital pixels per inch) to work with. Many home scanners have this capability. If this isn’t possible, the second option is to mail the photo to us and we’ll do the scan (free of charge), for you. Third option is to take it to a local store that can do a 300 dpi scan for you and either email it to us (preferred), or mail a CD to us with the image on the CD. Email us at: for any questions, and pricing quotes.

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