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Image Crafters Photography provides images in fine art, stock, product, event, architectural (interior and exterior), and aerial photography. Images can be created in 35mm, 6x7cm, 4×5 inch, and panoramic formats. We are serious about pleasing our clients while crafting superior images. Please click on the area of your interest(s) to view our work.Turn An Ordinaly Photo Into A Masterpiece!

Roughly speaking, photography is crafting images with light

Roughly speaking, photography is crafting images with light. The art of arranging the image elements through perspective, camera placement and lens selection and allowing light — both natural and artificial — to direct the viewer’s eye to the important aspects of the subject provides both the challenge as well as the satisfaction derived from crafting a superior photographic image.

At the essence of the image is the statement it makes

At the essence of the image is the statement it makes or the story it tells. The true joy of photography lies in its ability to capture a moment in time, to freeze that moment forever. Whether it is a spectacular sunset on the Grand Tetons, a portrait of your daughter or son on the day of their birth, or a close-up of your wedding rings, when the image is transferred to paper from a negative or slide you have a keepsake that will kindle fond memories deep inside you each time you view it. This is the magic of photography.

Fine Art Images

For years, indeed decades, it was debated whether or not photography was art. Early pioneering photographers probably wondered what the disagreement was all about. They had to use an artistic eye to visualize their image and serious physical and emotional effort to have the camera create the image as they envisioned it. Although the debate lingers, photographers like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston blurred the line between art and photography making it possible for me to consider offering my work as fine art. I attempt to capture a particular moment in time that probably will not occur again or is magnificent in its beauty, its content, or its meaning and deliver it to those who wish to view it.Digital Editing


Our stock files contain images of San Pedro, California, World Port Los Angeles, National Parks, Recreation Areas, and Forests, Lighthouses, Waterfalls, Monuments, Recreation and Leisure Time Activities, Religious Symbols, Vineyards and Wineries, Commercial Fishing, and general stock images (clouds, sunrise and sunsets, people). These images include both aerial and panoramic formats.


Want your event documented? How about saving forever the happiest, the funniest, the most unforgettable and/or moving moment(s) of your anniversary or birthday party, July 4th celebration, soap box derby, or town Faire. Whether it is a little girl getting her face painted while at the “Taste In San Pedro,” Folk Dancers at the Europa Faire, the color guard presenting the colors at a Memorial Day celebration, or a soap box derby as viewed from the line waiting to go to the start, photographic images help preserve and celebrate as well as document the event.

Architectural/Progress Photography

Hotels, motels, restaurants, art galleries, family dwellings, bridges, schools, and corporate buildings all have their unique look, individual purpose and inherent beauty. We craft our images to highlight the subjectís character.


Never dull, always exciting, an image taken with the aerial view will capture elements you have never seen before and can put the subject in a totally different and more favorable light For most individuals, this is a perspective they really enjoy and find quite interesting.

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