Photography for today. Professionals, families, events

Weddings, Bridal Portraits, Senior Pictures, Family Photos, Baby Pictures, Children’s Photography, Individual Photos and Portraits, Infant Photography, High School Pictures. Brush Oil Portraiture, Copy and Restoration of Old or Damaged Photos, Special Occasion Photography.

“Only the best.” from plan to finished product is our motto.

Im a full-time professional photographer with 28 years

Im a full-time professional photographer with 28 years’ experience and thousands of satisfied customers around the country, and is a member of both Professional Photographers of North Carolina and the Professional Photographers of America.

We have studied under world-renowned photographers. He is an award-winning photographer who commits his time to his customers. He has an accurate eye for composing a perfect portrait.

  • Top-of-the-line photographic equipment
  • Helpful full-time staff
  • Backdrops painted by the recognized world expert
  • Each portrait printed on 100 year, archival quality Kodak paper
  • Staff artist to soften facial lines, remove blemishes, or add backgrounds
  • A full range of beautiful frames to complement the finished portrait

I have experience and a way with people. The first thing he captures is their expression in a natural and appealing fashion.

I can make your portraits

I can make your portraits as soft and elegant or as crisp and modern as you would like. Whether on location, at your home, or in his studio, he can satisfy you from a wide palette of wishes.

Im attentive to the feelings of the people whom he photographs, creating an atmosphere where their moods can be caught on film. Sweetness or mischief, a dreamy look or just the joy of living – the right mood at just the right moment is captured on film forever by his skilled eye and trained hand.


Attention to detail characterizes my Photography. He brings together the setting for your story … a favorite toy, musical instrument, antique chair, golf club, pet or car, even the color and style of clothes … these special details of backgrounds, objects, and the artistic but natural positioning … all elements are planned in individual consultation with clients to make the best possible portrait.

Photography for today. Professionals, families, events

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