Professional wedding photography, custom portraits and commercial photographer
working with all state of the art digital.

Professional photographer for the mature sophisticated professionals . My style in photography is with an emphasis on capturing the true emotions of relationships ( Photojournalism ) thus creating beautiful Real portraits that are time cherished works of quality magical art with posed traditional formals.

Experience includes Photographing weddings at The Dearborn Inn Marriott: St.Johns of Plymouth Mi.: Pine Knob: Addison Oaks: Treetops Country Club Resort: The Infinity Yacht: Heritage Gardens : The Botanical Garden MSU : Blossom Heath Inn :The English Inn : The Grosse Pointe memorial : Cherry Creek Country Club : Rochester Hills Country Club: Golden Eagle Golf & Country Club: Hotel Pontchartrain: Mac & Rays: The Detroit Yacht Club:Fernhill Golf & Country Club :Partridge Creek:The Atheneum:Created posters for two musical recording companies.

Money Matters

Price ranges for photographers vary dramatically. In hiring a photographer, you are paying for his or her experience, style, reputation, as well as overhead costs. Select a photographer who is within your budget and whose quality and style of photography is consistent with your tastes. Don’t despair if your budget is limited, just keep looking. While some photographers who work out of studios may charge enormous fees for their services, plenty of good freelance photographers are available for significantly less.

Sometimes the price difference merely accounts for the fact that many freelance photographers are “home-based”, meaning that they don’t have the same overhead costs and operational expenses as large studio photographers, and can therefore price themselves more affordably. Just remember to shop carefully.ask people you know if they can recommend a good one.

Once you’ve found a photographer who suits your budget, evaluate their work carefully and ask for three references of former clients. Before finalizing any arrangements, be sure to check references and that you get the same photographer whos work samples you admired and or fell in love with. Recommendations and referrals are always less disappointing. Never hire a photographer who has displayed 3 or 4 lucky shots from a wedding but cant supply the entire event . Dont be mislead by parcel Best of images.

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