Scanning Neagtives

A scanning neagtives process requires high resolution scanning equipment and specialized digital imaging software. With these high tech requirements you also need a combination of technicians who understand the software and photographers who know photography. We scan neagtives with both the top of the line equipment and digital image editing software and a staff of professionals. Making sure your photos are perfect with each scanning is our priority. 35mm slide storage is provided by placing your scanned images on CD in easy to navigate folders and files. A slide scanning service can’t offer anything less than these services. Your photographs are important to you and you want to convert 35mm negatives in the same quality or better than the original. Our process is high resolution good enough for marketing and advertising print and still very affordable for home use. With your scanned images a digital picture gallery and DVD photo album are available too. We have well trained customer service reps who can help you organize and plan your scanning neagtives project. Call our toll free number right now and let us go to work for you scanning neagtives. Quality and affordability make us a part of your photography team.

Scanning Neagtives:
We offer many options to scanning neagtives for you to choose from, click on your choice for pricing and ordering information.

    1. Standard 35mm slides or negatives scanned at 2,700 or 3.600
      pixels/inch in .jpg format on to CD.
    2. Storage and Editing high quality scanning.
    3. Photo From Video
    4. E-mail and Web sharing.
    5. DVD Slide Shows.
    6. Print Digital Image

      Reliable Scanning Service

      Let our reps help you to plan and organize your 35mm film scanner project

“… personal attention we pulled it off. My wife was thrilled to relive all the memories. The icing on the cake was you finding the wedding music we had originally used and putting it on the DVD with the slide show. I can’t say enough about all of the help I got every step of the way from your people. Thank you MLB you do make…”
see what many of our customers have to say about our slide scanning service.

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