First off?  I like sleepy babies.  And by sleepy I mean…conked out.  The sleepiest babies are just days old.  Therefore, please schedule your newborn shoot BEFORE your baby is 10 days old.

* If possible, please schedule your shoot around time when your baby is usually sleepy. We want him or her to sleep as much as possible during our newborn shoot.

* Due to the frequent breaks needed to feed, change, soothe and get baby to fall asleep, newborn shoots often last longer than the average session.  Please be prepared for your shoot to last anywhere between 1 and 4 hours.

* Be patient and remain calm. If baby is cranky and not cooperating please do not worry.  We have plenty of time to allow him/her to get comfortable. If you are stressed your baby will feel it.  I pinky promise you that one.

* Since baby will be undressed for the majority of newborn pictures (unless otherwise requested) we want to make the room as comfortable as possible for him/her.   Please turn up your heat before I arrive.  What we consider smokin’ hot babies consider fabulously comfortable.

* If baby needs to nurse, have a bottle or a diaper change we can take a break at any time… We are working on baby time and we want that little sweetie to be as happy as possible.

* Have some special mementos ready for the shoot, if you would like. (ie: handmade blanket from grandma, knitted caps, booties etc.)

* Have tidy rooms. Many of baby’s pictures will be by a window or door, but lighting permitting we may also want to do some shots in baby’s room, parents’ room or living room etc. Please be prepared and have your home looking the way you would want it to look in photos.

* Be ready for pee! I don’t need to tell you that newborns pee a lot. Unfortunately, we may get peed on. It’s okay, I have been peed on before.  Have a backup change of clothes ready for yourself in the event tinkling occurs.

* So what should mom and dad wear for newborn sessions?  Simple is typically best.  Solid colors often work well for newborn images. If possible please have a black shirt handy.  I will use these in some baby poses were mom or dad holds the baby, but is not in that particular shot.

* Please limit the amount of people present at the shoot to those who are being photographed so that there are less distractions for baby.

* Absolutely NO cameras at shoot besides mine. It is extremely distracting to both myself and those being photographed.

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