Adobe Photoshop literally needs no introduction. The use of this incredible photo-editing software has slowly crept down from the elite likes of graphic designers and photographers, to everyday application at the hands of the layman, so much so that its name is now commonly used as a verb that’s synonymous to the very act of photo manipulation!

When such a powerful, versatile tool that is capable of manipulating images to an unbelievable extent is available at one’s disposal, one can’t help but wonder what is the need at all to look for a replacement? Even so, here are some reasons.

✏ Firstly, although Photoshop is the ultimate right hand of any graphic artist, 80% of the features it provides would be redundant to those who just use it to create the perfect profile/display picture. What they would actually need is a good photo-correction tool that comes with a handful of Instagram-esque filters.

✏ Secondly, being aware of the indispensability of this software in many industries, Adobe Systems has recently changed the distribution strategy of Photoshop from purchase to subscription, with the introduction of their Creative Cloud program.
Paying an exorbitant monthly or yearly subscription fee to use it would work out to be quite expensive, not to mention wasteful, for a person who wants to use Photoshop merely to edit a couple of photographs before posting them on social media websites.

Therefore, it is time for majority of the users of Photoshop (especially those who are merely enthusiasts and do not actually need to use this software as part of their professional work) to jump ship to a different photo-editing solution, unless they want to burn a deep hole in their pockets. 

Fortunately, a number of software are available, of which some are either reasonably priced or even free, while others are completely web-based, so they do not need to be downloaded. Here is a list of our picks, sorted into categories.

Alternatives to Adobe
Photoshop Elements
Developer Adobe Systems
Type of Distribution Download (purchase)
OS Requirements Windows 7 and above, OS X 10.8 and above

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a one-time purchase, and it contains enough features to gladden the heart of any amateur.

What’s new in Photoshop Elements 13:-
♦ A tool especially designed to create profile, and cover pictures for the most widespread social network today, Facebook.
♦ A tool that suggests ways to crop a picture.
♦ Photomerge Compose: A tool with the ability to pull elements from various pictures and put them together in a different picture, in a simple, copy-paste style, to create new, realistic-looking photographs.
♦ Guided Edits: A tool that allows users to very easily create grayscale (black and white) images that have a single color popping out.
♦ A tool that can remove unnecessary objects from photographs, and then fills in the background intelligently, based on other elements in the image.
♦ The availability of a number of filters (effects).
♦ Support for the new Retina HD monitors for Mac, and access to online Help resources.
Links Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 for either OS platform

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