What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is the story of your child’s birth.  Captured in a storytelling style, it chronicles the labor, delivery, and first hours after baby is born.

Why should I hire a Birth Photographer instead of having a family member or friend take pictures at my delivery?

Your family and friends want to be there to support you, hold your hand, empathize with you.  Taking pictures is often second, third, or last on their priorities list.  Selecting me as your Birth Photographer means you’ll have me there, exclusively to capture those moments.  Your friends and family will be able to support you, instead of worrying about bringing a camera, having batteries, & taking pictures.

What kind of images do you take?

I take images of you and your husband/partner as you progress through labor.  I can capture as much, or as little as you like.  I have a birth experience questionnaire that helps me to know what type of images you would like.  If you are a very private person, you may not want your bare belly shown, or images of the doctor/nurse/midwife checking your progress…I respect that and will provide you with modest images.  You might be a very open person and want to capture everything, whether you’re clothed or not…I will get it all!

How long will you be at my delivery?

I typically like to arrive when you are in active labor 4+cm dialated and having consistent, close contractions, and I will stay until after baby is fed and bathed.   This can be a couple of hours for some mothers, or it can be 12-15 (or more!) hours for others.

Am I charged based on how long you are there?

No.  Your Birth Experience package covers all of my time.  I would not want you to feel pressured to deliver in a certain time frame, or worry that I am going to leave after X amount of hours.  These are some of the most important hours of your life, and I want you to relax, and concentrate on delivering your baby..not having a clock ticking in the back of your mind.

Will you take ‘the shot’…you know…the crowning glory?

You bet!  Will I share it?  Only with you.  That is a very private moment for most people, but if you want it, I will definitely capture it.

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