When you click yourself, you can go all whacky, zany and mad without getting conscious or awkward about it! Stick your tongue out, roll your eyes! Pose in a way in which you wouldn’t if people were around you. You might get conscious sticking your pout out when somebody is clicking you. But click yourself, and you can reveal your ‘shexy-n-shmoky’ side without inhibitions! It isn’t as difficult as it may seem to be.

Clicking great self-portraits is about as easy as clicking portraits of other people. There are a few basic differences though. If you bear these differences in mind, there is nothing that can stop you from taking a flattering picture of yourself on your own.

#1 – Which Camera?

You can click yourself with your digital camera, with a webcam, with a handy-cam, or with the camera on your phone. So which one to choose? Decide based on the purpose. If you are bored and want to click yourself simply to pass time – go for the camera on your phone. It is handy and easy. Plus there are all kinds of applications for instant editing. But you would have to be careful about the angle as you would have to hold the phone yourself.

If you want to click a proper picture – to flaunt your new hair-cut, or a new bikini even! – go for your digital camera. Almost all digital cameras available in the market have a self-timer, so you can have multiple gos at it. The same effect can be got with a webcam too. However, a picture taken with a digital camera would definitely be of a better quality than one taken on a webcam. A handy-cam would be nice if you want an unusual angle, as I will elaborate below. A webcam, handy-cam and digital camera can also be mounted on a table or a shelf, so your hands would be free.

#2 – What Angle?

The angle you choose to click a self-portrait is the single most important consideration! It has to be nothing less than perfect. Period. The angle can make or break your picture. A tip would be to get a judgment of the angle at which you hold or place your camera by first posing in front of a mirror. This may feel stupid, but it is important if you want a good picture. The wrong angle can make your nose look fat, your eyes look sunken, or your cheeks too chubby!

Would you want a picture like that? I am guessing not. Get an idea of the angle at which you need to hold the camera and the level up to which you need to raise your hand. Click a few trial snaps, and then click the final one. It is bound to come awesome! However, clicking yourself outdoors leaves you completely at the mercy of trial-and-error – unless you actually move a mirror out from your room and into your garden; and this is exactly where it would be great if you have a handy-cam. You can turn the LCD panel completely through 180º and actually see yourself and how you will look in the picture. This will give you better judgment and enough room to experiment with the angle.

#3 – Lighting?

The type of lighting you choose to click a picture can totally make or break it. Find out which would suit best for the kind of picture you want to click. Some general tips are – never stand under the light source when clicking yourself indoor. Your facial features will cast shadows all over your face – it looks horrible! Always stand with the light in your face. I love clicking pictures in natural light, and so I always run to the window if I want to take a self-portrait in the day time.

The main trick here is to remember to hold the camera in such a way that it does not itself cast a shadow upon your face. Make sure you do not hold the camera in the path of the light. This is especially important while clicking picture lying down on the bed or in the garden. However, in the garden, shadows can be put to creative use. Clicking a picture under a tree will cast interesting shadows as the sunlight streams through the tree. It looks really charming.

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