Teasing “Geisha Girl” Boudoir Photography

Can you imagine how amazing you’ll look in our NEW Geisha Girl Boudoir studio set?

Here are some pictures from our new boudoir studio set.

The geisha girl set was created using our new prop for the studio.  You may have already read the story behind the new folding bedroom screen.  It is designed to be teasing.  Being set outside the bed chamber you can tantalise with the thrill of the chase.

Betty loves the charisma of the 40s and 50s cinema and had already booked a Pin-up style shoot.  But she was pleased to do this test shoot beforehand.  Pin-up pictures are coming soon. Betty is perfect for this new set with her amazing tattoos complimenting the tree image in the screen perfectly.

Imke and Betty told me that the vintage look has greater emphasis on the mouth than the eyes

Imke applied a nice deep red lipstick and kept eye make-up to a minimum.  Betty applied the dark line from each eye.  False eye-lashes were big in the 50s, which may be another reason for minimal eye-make-up.  But Betty has incredible natural eye lashes do didn’t need false ones. The only other make-up required was a little rouge on the side of the checks to help make the check bones stand out and add depth in the images.Environmental Boudoir taken in client's home

I’ve processed her images to enhance that wonderful Vintage Glamour style.

Introducing the NEW “Geisha Girls” Boudoir Studio Set

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