Apparently the work in this profession involves a lot of pre and post planning that no one knows anything about, because the camera guy does such a good job of hiding it all from unsuspecting, drunk, partygoers at weddings. Besides doing what they came to do, sometimes experienced and good ones avert crises that no one anticipates, and solve issues that no one knows have cropped up. Here’s a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that being a wedding photographer entails.

Witness to a Sacred Rite

A wedding photographer is an essential part of the proceedings, and helps create memories for one of the most important events in someone’s lives. They are witness to a range of raw emotions on an almost daily basis. An age-old rite in every custom, the photographer gets to see for himself and respect the bonds that develop in these unions. They get to participate in the happiness of almost complete strangers. What profession can be more emotionally satisfying and wholesome?

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences Everyday

An event that supposedly happens once in everyone’s lifetime, a wedding occurs almost weekly or monthly for a wedding photographer. If it’s a destination wedding, the experience is even better. It’s a happy occasion that most wedding photographers appreciate and enjoy documenting. They like to believe that they are helping someone document happy memories, and to be a part of such an occasion is a humbling, gratifying, and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Wedding table decor

The ability to adapt and be a versatile photographer is essential to survive in this profession. Subjects keep changing from food to architecture, people, and pets. The different shots that every client expects, like romantic ones, night shots, portraits, accommodating to various personalities, weather, different venues, candid or intense, all require the same photographer to have a specialized knowledge of various fields. This gives oodles of experience in a very short space of time.

Helping Someone Create their Story

Though it can be exhausting, the wedding photographer retains the power to document each moment of a wedding, therefore he creates a story with people’s emotions, their joy and initial nervousness, the elation, the sadness, and the relief. He runs through the whole gamut of emotions with his camera, and creates a book with sequential events that help the couple bring back all memories as a visual diary, a storybook they can narrate to friends and family later on.

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