Family Portraiture

I offer several ways to accomplish this sometimes frustrating, but very rewarding event. There are several questions I try to have answered that will help me in determining what may work best for your family. The size of your family and ages of children are things I will to take into consideration when planning your sitting. What are your interests? Does your family spends time outdoors hiking or camping? Then maybe this is where we need to go. Whatever your desire might be, whether it be the studio, your front room, or backyard, I will deliver to you a professional portrait that you will cherish forever.

Wedding photos and more

Professional photographer will spend your wedding day with you. From start to finish, we document every special moment. All traditional photographs are taken from walking down the aisle to the blowing of the bubbles! Have a special place? Well, on our way to the reception lets stop to get that special photograph. Remember we are yours for the day. No time restraints here!! Here is where the fun begins! Just like the ceremony, all traditional photographs are taken, as well as, capturing candid moments of you and your guests having the time of their lives.

Since the early 1800’s, photography has been a vital means of communication and expression. I believe it is the link between art and science that has drawn me to the medium of photography. In addition, I like working in the dark. The camera, much like a painter’s brush, allows me the ability to create and be as intrinsic or as ambiguous as I desire. Peering through the camera’s viewfinder and composing is what photography is all about. The subject is irrelevant. It can be straightforward documentation or abstraction.

To take photographs means to recognize simultaneously and, within sometimes a fraction of a second, both the fact itself and the organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning. It is putting one’s mind, eye, and heart on the same axis.

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