A hot cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other; a typical morning in almost every household! For people hungry for news, it is a must, to begin the day with fresh and latest information either in print or through the television. But who does the hard work behind the leaves of your morning paper? It’s the newshound, the wordsmith, the editor, and the team of professionals who kick-start your morning every day!

What is Journalism

Journalism refers to the news or feature stories (light, entertainment stories) that are expressed either in a descriptive way or concise pattern through different types of media. A journalist reports news, which can be through print, television, radio, or even the Internet. The main purpose of a journalist is to report news with accurate facts in an unbiased manner.

Over the decades, several types of journalism have developed that have given different dimensions to the field of mass media. One method of classification is on the basis of their specialization (beat), method of gathering information, and writing/reporting style.

The Different Categories of Journalism
On the Basis of Beats :-
Agricultural Journalism

This branch is growing at a fast pace in the past few years. With a handful of colleges offering this course and many industries demanding it, this could be a hot option in the near future! Most people are not fully aware of the prospects in this field and thus get deterred from taking it up. However, it has a wide array of options in multiple fields. Careers in the food and wine industry, environment welfare and conservation bodies, and resource organizations are some commonly pursued options.

Arts Journalism

This beat is for all the art lovers. The focus is on various forms of art that includes literature, film, dance, music, drama, and many more. Here, the journalist analyzes the developments and trends of the art world and reports it to the audience. People, who have passion for art always need regular inputs, which makes arts journalism, a fast-growing stream of the industry.

Business Journalism

A business journalist has to cover business news from around the globe. This will include launch of new products in the market, mergers & acquisitions of companies, economic ups and downs, performance of companies, and so on. Well-researched analytical reports have to be made when it comes to business. These reports gather dates of all the important events on an international level; moreover, these reports have also exposed many business-related scandals.

Celebrity Journalism

Front pages of British newspapers reporting the death of famous musician David Bowie.
As the name goes, this genre is related to the life of celebrities from all fields. This includes news regarding their personal as well as professional life. Reporting gossip is one of the angles, which the readers love to read. Interviewing celebrities from various fields, like music, sports, politics, arts, and films is also a part of this profession.

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