Recently I noticed that two of our younger clients opted to use our cloakroom

Recently I noticed that two of our younger clients opted to use our cloakroom to change in rather than the dressing room that is off the side of the studio.  Imke does your make-up in the dressing room and often helps getting ready, such as tying up your Basque.

I was concerned as our clients’ comfort – that’s you – is of paramount importance to me.

We Listen To You

After our session

After our session I asked why she had changed in the cloakroom and how could we make her feel more comfortable in the dressing room; perhaps some kind of divider to separate the rooms?  She agreed that a curtain would alleviate her concerns.

We have an archway separating the rooms. Mounting a curtain on either side of the wall would not be aesthetically pleasing.  Imke and I discussed this at length and decided a bedroom screen would be the best solution.  It would provide privacy without defacing our studio walls.  It could also double up as another prop.

Imke searched the Internet for suitable screens.

We agreed on a screen with a Japanese flowering cherry (if I remember correctly) tree mural.  The problem was it cost £500!  I suggested a search on eBay and we found the same screen for £120 from Germany including delivery.  Amazing deal so we placed the order – there and then.  It arrived three or four days later!

Not wasting any time it has already been put to use to make a new boudoir set.

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