Caroline and Joey’s Wedding Shower Photographs

I attended Caroline and Joey’s wedding shower their friend’s house in Roswell, Georgia. I first met this lovely couple from when I shot their friend’s wedding—Erin and Ches. Erin is now pregnant and due any day now. It is exciting to follow my clients and continue to be a part of their lives. Caroline was also my “red” shoot model for that particular Color Project photography assignment. This casual party was really fun and warm–one can tell that everyone is really close and their wedding will be a wonderful celebration. I love the fall decorating theme using pumpkins and the season’s colors. Caroline and Joey received many great gifts most notably some fine spirits and wine—check out the very large bottle of Cabernet!wedding shower

Corrie and Zach’s 1 Year Anniversary Photo Session

I met with Corrie and Zach in their hometown of Newnan, Georgia to take pictures in honor of their one-year wedding anniversary. We picked the perfect time of day, so we had a golden sun for this late afternoon fall shoot. Corrie owns her own business, as well as being a wedding planner herself and Zach is a flight instructor. We set out to take some unique pictures around their house and around the town square. The pumpkin shots were a lot of fun and an homage to the pumpkin pictures from their wedding. They are a very lighthearted couple and their personalities and easy going natures came through in the photographs at the playground and the ones with their sunglasses. We even took some pictures with their adorable dogs for the Christmas card. I got some great black and white shots as well as color photographs in front of the Coca Cola wall. This shoot was a lot of fun and it was great to work with such different backgrounds to create some unique portraits.

Alden and Tommy’s Engagement Session

Alden and Tommy are getting married at the Biltmore on April 19, 2008. For their engagement session we went to Historic Norcross and had some fun. They had a lot of energy and I was able to play and get creative with color and light. I love the ice cream cone pictures. They show the true spirit of this lovely couple. There were several great candid shots that I made black and white. Can’t wait for the wedding!

Karen and Shelby’s Wedding

I enjoyed shooting Karen and Shelby’s whimsical wedding at the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia. The bride was adorable and so were the miniature bride and groom ducks that were an important part of their day. One of my favorite images is the black and white one of the couple dancing. I felt it captured the emotion and feeling of the day. There were so many great moments at this wedding—thank goodness we have gone digital!

Liz and Andy’s Wedding

Liz and Andy had a beautiful outdoor wedding at the exclusive Atlanta Athletic Club. This was such a perfect setting for this lovely couple. It meant so much to them to have it there and I was honored to do their wedding photography. The lighting was great and worked well with the candid style of the photos. My favorite photo is the bride and groom walking into the sunset. I love the contrast of the green grass against her elegant white gown and his classic black tux.

Janell and Christopher’s Wedding

Janell and Christopher were married at a charming Lutheran church in true Georgia style! As you can see from the pictures, Janell and Christopher are a fun couple. I love this family and I have had the privilege of shooting Janell’s sister’s (Regan and Rachel) weddings too. One of my favorite photos is the one of Janell and her dad walking down the aisle showcasing her beautiful white dress.

Michelle and Christopher’s Wedding

Michelle and Christopher had their wedding at one of my favorite places—The Payne Corely House in Duluth, Georgia. This was the perfect setting for this traditional couple. Michelle was such an elegant bride and one of the best shots is the black & white image of her and her dad walking down the aisle. And, my favorite picture is the one with her grandfather in front of the house! This was a destination wedding for this Maryland couple. They were one of the nicest couples and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Alison and Josh’s Wedding

Alison and Josh were married at the historic Roswell Mill in Roswell, Georgia. This was a great rustic and casual setting for this joyful couple. Alison hired me after I shot her friend Henri’s wedding. It is always great to get referrals for my wedding photography. We had so much fun doing the bridal party pictures. I loved the choice of blue as the accent color for the wedding. It was striking against her white dress and the groom’s black tux. One of the best photos is on the old covered bridge.

Alison and Stephen’s Wedding

I had so much fun at Alison and Stephen’s destination wedding in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The city view was amazing atop the Pier 66 Restaurant and I captured some great photojournalistic moments of the bridal party in the South Florida sun. Alison looked beautiful and elegant in her classic white gown and Stephen was handsome in his black tux. As the sun went down, the party sizzled and everyone had the best time.

Brandy and David’s Wedding

I had one of the best times at Brandy and David’s wedding at the Atlanta National Golf Club in Georgia. Brandy is full of life and does not let the small stuff get in the way of having a good time. As Brandy was ready to walk down the aisle, the dj had a problem with the wedding music. Brandy rolled with it and started dancing down the aisle with her two dads to the jazz music that was stuck on play. The bride and groom love pictures and besides my digital photography they had a fun photo booth set up for their guests. This was a party that did not want to end.

Courtney and Jay’s Wedding

Courtney and Jay were married at the lovely and elegant Payne Corely House in Duluth, Georgia. I love working at this place—there are so many wedding photography moments on the beautiful grounds. The bride and groom along with the wedding party were so much fun to work with. The groom is a big wrestling fan, so we made sure to get a great photo of him and his belt. As the pictures show, the bridesmaids had some fun playing with the bride’s blue sash. My favorite photo is the black and white of Courtney showing the back of her dress—she was stunning!

Rebecca and Andy’s Wedding

Rebecca and Andy were married at the unique Wimbish House in Atlanta, GA. I loved this magical wedding with the use of the color red and chocolate poker chips for their poker buddies! I wanted to capture the love and good energy at this wedding using a photojournalistic style to express the emotion of the day. I gave them a wonderful mixture of robust color and dramatic black & white images. This wedding was one of my best experiences as a digital wedding photographer because I was able to be so creative and truly in the moment.

Jamie and Nathan’s Wedding

Although I love Atlanta weddings, it is fun to travel to a destination wedding, so I was thrilled to be asked to do Jamie and Nathan’s wedding at a country club by the beach in Seabrooke Island South Carolina. It was a great chance to get some amazing beach shots and really play with color and light. This Charleston couple was energetic and you can tell they had fun. Jamie and Nathan love the photojournalistic approach and were a delight to work with. As the sun went down, we got some truly awesome shots. The night ended with sparklers and bridesmaids trashing their dresses. It was a great time!

Julie and Jeremy’s Wedding

Georgia has some wonderful southern towns and Cartersville is one of them. Julie and Jeremy were married at the Davis Farm in a truly charming wedding. The couple had a very special treat as a bridesmaid played flute during the ceremony for them and the family pictures turned out lovely. My favorite is the bride with her sister and mother. We got some playful shots of the bridal party on this beautiful sunny day.

Lisa and Chris’s Wedding

Lisa and Chris were married at the Christ the King Church in Buckhead. This traditional couple wanted some interesting bridal portraits, so they rented a van and we traveled all around the city and got some great shots like the one in front of the Fox Theatre. After their exciting photo shoot, the bride and groom joined their guests at the elegant Capital City Club in Downtown Atlanta where they enjoyed their party so much they extended the reception an additional hour. The groom is a big Bruce Springsteen fan, so the music rocked and so did the party!

Cassandra and Dalibor’s Wedding

This was a destination wedding for Cassandra and Dalibor who live in Chilie. The ceremony which ended in a spectacular release of butterflies was held at a private home in Atlanta and afterwards the reception was held at the Trolley Barn. The Trolley Barn is very special to the couple as there is a picture of the bride’s parents up on the wall from the 1970s in this unique venue. And, to make it even more special, the bride is a baby in the picture! For their wonderful wedding, the bride wore an elegant white gown with a beautiful wrap and the groom was in a handsome black tux. Their light attitudes made my wedding photography an easy task. I documented the day and captured the love and emotion in a storytelling and candid style. Her flowers were lovely and everyone had a great time dancing and celebrating their special day.

Rebecca and John’s Wedding

Rebecca is a friend of a Big Day Photography and made a lovely and elegant bride. Her white veil was absolutely beautiful! Rebecca and John had their wedding at the Marietta Conference Center in Georgia. The wedding ceremony was outdoors and it was chilly, but the mood was warm and loving as the bride’s brother walked her down the aisle. It was a fun reception. I love the black and white image of them dancing! Their evening ended as the groom carried his bride across the threshold ready to start the honeymoon.

Laura and Jason’s Wedding

Laura and her family are wonderful. I did her older sister’s wedding and her cousin booked me for her 2008 New Years Eve wedding! This was a good time wedding at the Carl House in Auburn, Georgia. My photojournalistic approach worked great in telling their story through both color and black and white photographs. Laura and Jason’s joy along with their family and friends is reflected in the wedding photography.

Stephanie and Charles’s Wedding

I love traveling to different towns in Georgia and discovering little gems like Loganville where Stephanie and Charles were married at the Vines Gardens. The Vines Gardens is run by Chef Eric and under his direction the food was delicious. This was an interesting wedding as the couple exited their ceremony to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Pride and Joy. The bridesmaids were so much fun to work with and looked lovely in their green dresses. The bride and groom were so happy and it shows in these colorful and vibrant images. The groom’s father broke his foot the night before their wedding, but that did not spoil his good time as he partied with everyone until the end.

Stephanie and Eric’s Wedding

Stephanie and Eric are University of Georgia Athens (UGA) fans and used that as their theme for their unique wedding. From the bridesmaids dresses to the groom’s cake, the Georgia Bulldog was present. The ceremony was held at Tucker First Methodist Church in Tucker, GA and the reception at the Smokerise Golf and Country Club in Stone Mountain. Stephanie was a cheerleader and proved herself to be a spunky bride having made it through her day after spraining her back in our first shot. The pretty bride did not let that spoil her fun as she laughed and danced the night away.

Colleen and Michael’s Wedding

Colleen and Michael are a really nice and lighthearted couple and I enjoyed shooting their wedding very much. In honor of the groom’s mother and father’s attempt to make it to the wedding, the couple made stick figures and posed with them in pictures, so their spirit was still with them throughout the day. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Christ the King Church in Buckhead and the reception at Maggiano’s also in Buckhead, so the food was delicious. The wonderful mood of the day is reflected in the colorful images, but I turned some into dramatic black & whites. And, in the Georgia tradition, guests were given fresh peaches as their wedding favors.

Christy and Nick’s Wedding

Christy and Nick were married in one of the biggest churches I have every seen—Mount Carmel Christian Church in Stone Mountain, GA. This University of Tennessee bride was lovely with a stunning bouquet of purples and greens. Her grandmother was a lively delight–that is her taking the pictures in the stairwell. The groom had fun playing 52 pickup as he waited for the ceremony to start. The festive reception was held at the Stone Mountain Evergreen Conference Resort in Stone Mountain Park.

Audrey and Alex’s Wedding

Audrey and Alex had a traditional ceremony at the First United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia and they later celebrated at the Atlanta Athletic Club. I got some colorful and creative shots of the bride and her spirited group of girls in bright pink. The pink was such a great contrast against the bride’s elegant white gown. The groom had the classic black tux, but I loved the addition of the white tie and vest. The reception was a great time and I love the shots of the grand exit to their honeymoon destination.

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