Are you wondering what this craze about Boudoir Photography is?

And is it what you’re looking for?

As an intimate photographer, boudoir photography encompasses the whole genre of intimate female portraiture.  Everything from glamorous head shots through to breathtaking nudes.  A more specific view may restrict it to photographing you in your boudoir – your private room.  This is the view that inspired our classic boudoir studio set that uses a draped luxury burgundy velvet, as seen opposite.

I prefer not to restrict the term boudoir

I prefer not to restrict the term boudoir; I include all tasteful female portraiture that uses subtle lighting, great posing and compositions in creating your beautiful fine art pictures.

But Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves.The origins of boudoir

The origins of boudoir

Let’s first take a look at the term boudoir and how it became a fascinating art form over 100 years ago!

A ‘boudoir’ is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term boudoir comes from the French verb bouder meaning to pout.

Historically boudoir formed a lady’s suite of rooms adjacent to her bedchamber

Historically boudoir formed a lady’s suite of rooms adjacent to her bedchamber, where she could bathe and dress. Over time boudoir became any private room such as the drawing room. These would be used for activities including entertaining intimate acquaintances. Boudoir has come to denote styles that focus on Renaissance and French bedroom styles. It also describes the “country cottage” with whitewashed walls, heavy bed furniture and deep bedding.

Boudoir becomes an art form

Boudoir as an art form became a prominent movement starting around 1900.

It remained in vogue for around 40 years. It evolved from fashion and magazine illustration in Paris around 1910.

Today Boudoir Sees A Resurgence

Boudoir sees a resurgence through photography as the perfect gift.

Maybe you thought of this as a personal gift to the special person in your life.  Or even the as the perfect gift to yourself.  But boudoirs’ resurgence goes even further…

Did you know bridal boudoir photography is fast becoming the most sought-after wedding gift?

Bridal boudoir is the perfect wedding gift

Bridal boudoir is the perfect wedding gift to your groom to give on your wedding night. Just imagine the smile on his face when he receives the ultimate gift from you!

There are many reasons for you to choose boudoir photography; maybe to mark a special birthday like 30, 40 or 50.  The desire to capture and preserve your beauty is only natural.

And of course after you’ve done it once  You’ll keep coming back creating an autobiography of your personal beauty with fine art portraits over time.

Perhaps you’re celebrating a major change in your life, such as becoming pregnant.

Pregnancy boudoir photography is another fast growing trend.  Your pregnancy is the perfect moment to capture this special once-in-a-lifetime moment.  Naturally you’ll want to follow this up with some beautiful images with your newborn baby.

Sensuous Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography Gives You Freedom

You have the freedom to truly express yourself with a photo session designed especially for you.  Your emotions and personality are expertly captured through lighting, posing, composition and retouching to create the perfect fine art picture of you.

Lighting can be soft gently sculpting your body’s form creating very feminine and romantic images.  Or it can be hard and dramatic with well lit areas and deep shadows, creating stark images.  Lighting patterns create the impression of your 3-D form in the final 2-D image.  A short lighting pattern creates a very complimentary form making your face appear slimmer.  This is often referred to as Rembrandt lighting after the famous artist.

Your posing is essential

Your posing is essential to correctly position you and make you look your very best.  Very slight changes can make huge difference to your final image.  This combined with the right lighting pattern will make you look your very best you.

In your boudoir experience, I spend a lot of time guiding you into the right poses and creating the lighting pattern to show you in the most flattering manner.  I’ll show you the poses and help fine tune your pose.  And before pressing the camera’s shutter – I’ll check for details such as your hair over the eyes.  Overlooked details can spoil an otherwise fine picture.

Your boudoir experience can be taken in sexy lingerie, implied nude or baring all.  You can be as timid or bold as you wish.  And you’ll never be asked to pose beyond the level you requested.

There is much to do before we take a single shot

There is much to do before we take a single shot.  After you’re welcomed into our home studio you’ll be offered a glass of wine or fresh coffee.  Imke will discuss your make-up and agree what will work best for you; taking into account your skin tones, eye colours and lingerie you may be wearing.  Imke can help you prepare, such as helping you tie your Basque laces.

Your boudoir photography will start off with a few simple classic poses with some clothing.  You’ll soon relax and enjoy yourself.  You’ll be amazed how confident you’ll start to feel and you’ll allow your inner beauty to come to the fore – realising your desires, dreams and fantasies.

Your photography is tasteful and carried out in a sensitive relaxed manner.

Environmental Boudoir taken in client's home

Capturing Your Images In Camera Is Just The Start

Your images are edited and colour corrected – only keeping the images that show your best side.

You’ll choose your images in the comfort of our private studio with a multimedia slide show or on-line.

Your chosen images are expertly retouched in Photoshop; Transforming your pictures into beautiful works of fine art with real WOW factor.

Your chosen products are of exclusive quality; printed by one of DK’s largest and most successful professional photography laboratories.  These cannot be mistaken for your average high street prints or canvases.

Boudoir Is An Absolute Must

A boudoir portrait session is an absolute must-do experience for any woman wishing to prove to herself that she is the most beautiful evocative creature alive.

Doesn’t that sounds like you?

Did I Mention It’s A Life Changing Experience?

If you don’t feel confidence now, you’ll be amazed how your confidence grows through your boudoir session.  It’s only natural.  After overcoming your initial fears before your boudoir session you prove to yourself that you really can do anything you want to.  You’ll feel liberated and aware of your own prowess.What Is Boudoir Photography?

Are you wondering what this craze about Boudoir Photography is?

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